Mission and Value Statement

Elite Vacations provides professional travel services in a personalized manner.  We organize and deliver
unforgettable group travel experiences that exceed our customers' expectations.


Emily Petron, CEO

Traveling has always been something that I enjoy. I  remember as a kid traveling every summer with my parents and siblings to different areas of our great state of Texas. It's still something that I do with my children and grandchildren. I have seen lots of country and amazing things because of those trips. I have toured the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, New England in the Fall, Disney World, Alaska, Yosemite, Old Faithful and so much more! I have experienced firsthand the culture and beauty of Italy, Austria, Germany, Jamaica, Mexico, and Canada. I have more than ten years experience in planning and coordinating group travel. You will find group tours are a safe and reputable way to travel; worry-free and hassle-free because all the details are handled for you. A tour director is provided on our extended trips to help you discover more sights than you could possibly find on your own. Whether you are traveling with us for the day, over night, or for an extended stay, our passion for travel will be the key to your satisfaction.